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Places To Visit in the Santa Ynez Valley
Santa Ynez Valley is a valley near Santa Barbara, California. This valley full of breathtaking views sits between the Santa Ynez and the San Rafael mountains. Many activities can be sampled in all the lovely towns of the Santa Ynez valley. And along with activities there are many choices for comfortable sleeping accommodations. The accommodations for lodging and bed and breakfasts are plentiful in Solvang because it's much more populated than the other cities. Though Solvang is the most populated, it's also the top of a tourists destination list, with a hundred thousand visitors or more a year making the lodging options quite tight, so moving to another small town for lodging may be a more sensible option. Check out the Solvang hotels.

The Danish theme that flows over Solvang isn't just for local shops it also follows suit for the more corporate buildings as well like hotels and restaurants. With the most beautiful tourist shops, restaurants, landmarks, wine tasting and local markets, Solvang is a wonderful place to visit. Solvang doesn't just offer shopping and food though it's also a great place to start your journey of the valley and the other communities in the area. For a great, more adult vacation spot, Solvang has 30 wineries within a 10 mile radius to offer. Popular hotels of the area are the Kronberg Inn, Solvang Ca Hotel and the Hadsten House, all wonderful and within a few blocks of the main street that runs through town. Solvang also offers a more comfortable stay in the hospitality industry such as a plethora of bed and breakfasts to accommodate to your needs. Learn more about Santa Ynez Valley.

But if you wish to move along from Solvang, Santa Ynez offers a few hotels for your sleeping accommodations such as the Santa Ynez Inn and the Sanja Cota Motor Lodge. With less tourists in the area, it is a better way to stretch your dollar.  Get the most interesting information about Santa Ynez Valley at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-dixon/santa-ynez-valley_b_2366419.html.

Entertainment for the gambling bunch is great in Santa Ynez with the Chumash Casino and Resort. The Chumash Casino offers so much entertainment and attractions, finding something to do will be as simple as turning the corner with twenty four hour gaming, slot machines, table games and a live poker room it's perfect for all your entertainment needs. If you need a break from playing games at the casino, the resort also offers gift shops and three fabulous restaurants. Chumash is also a great place for a show, or concert that has attracted Sheryl Crow, Meat Loaf and Penn & Teller. Chumash also offers mixed martial arts fights and boxing matches which is great if your in Solvang or Santa Yenz because it's only a short drive to attend. If your looking for more family friendly attractions, Santa Yenz also offers outdoor options like bicycling, hiking, fishing, golfing and riding horseback.

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